UPDATE, aka Useless Information

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UPDATE, aka Useless Information

Post by TheOldGuy on Fri Jan 02, 2015 9:39 am

Sold Fat Lady, the Valkyrie, months ago.  Have seen quite a number of Valkyries for sale on Cycletrader and craigslist, and have decided Fat Lady was (hopefully still is) the prettiest of all.

Bought a BMW K1200LT that had been ridden hard and put up wet and have been sorting it.  New clutch, new Wilbers front forks, and soon either a new sound system (amplifier is bad) or a paint job.  I want the amplifier, bride wants the paint job.  Figures.  "Beano" is like a two-wheeled car:  full automotive-type cruise control, power windshield, reverse, heated seats and grips, yadda yadda.  Great for eating up the miles.  Not too satisfying for the soul.

Also bought a Moto Guzzi EV11 in south Texas, not running.  Was the most expensive possible reason given that the engine turned over -- the ECU.  Piaggio wanted $1700+ for a new one.  Found one in the US for half that.  A few odds and ends later and I've got more in it than it's worth, but it has power, handling, and soul.  Great visceral experience.

Most recently bought a sick KLR650 in beautiful condition.  Took it straight to Halls Motorsports in Mobile to find out why it had no top end power.  HALLS SERVICE MANAGER TOLD ME BALDFACED LIES about test-riding it (no test ride was done) and about needing a new front tire due to dry rot (I was 70 miles away, hadn't paid attention to the tire, but later found out it was put on at the same time as the rear which is almost new).  GOT IT BACK FROM HALLS IN ALMOST NOT-RUNNING CONDITION BECAUSE THEY HAD CHANGED THE NEEDLE WITHOUT CHANGING THE JETS.  BEWARE HALLS MOTORSPORTS -- STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THEM ! ! ! Now have it running smoothly and almost with sufficient top end, but think the exhaust camshaft is one tooth retarded (reason is a long story).  

Discovered The Hub Motorcycle Resort on the old Dogpatch USA property a few miles south of Harrison, Arkansas.  Some good riding up that way but not as good as southwest North Carolina and environs.

Made the Stagecoach Ride -- huge; restaurant ran out of planned food; ran out of first emergency batch; ran out of second.  Probably a record attendance.  Only heard of one wreck associated with the ride but know of no details.

No more big rides after watching the rider directly in front of Bride and me have a fatal accident, but still enjoy riding with another bike or two.  Getting more content with solo riding.  Am on a KLR650 forum as UrbanHermit -- it fits.
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Re: UPDATE, aka Useless Information

Post by hayweed on Mon Jan 05, 2015 12:39 pm

Good to see you're still around. Couple of nice bikes too.

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Re: UPDATE, aka Useless Information

Post by Jack the Bagger on Sat Jan 10, 2015 6:21 am

Me likey the Beemer LT's and GS's , buddy just bought a 1600 GTL Exclusive ..

Guzzis are cool

Always wanted to do the Stagecoach ride .. But it's not on Saturday ..

On another forum , someone posted about it , apparently was a big wheel with it . I asked why it wasn't the last Saturday , so they would get better participation , his response was they tried it for a few years in the past , and "some of the regulars from out of state" showed up on the wrong day . So there was "confusion among a few regulars" and they changed it back to whatever day of the week it is .

He ended it with "if people want to ride in it , they will get the time off to be there" ..

Sounds like a "just us and no more is fine" attitude
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Re: UPDATE, aka Useless Information

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